Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Kennedy Ndebele


General Secretariat

The general secretariat carry's out all the administrative work of PSL under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer . The members of the general secretariat are bound by the internal organisational regulations of PSL and shall fulfil the given tasks in the best manner.


The General Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer.

 He / She shall be appointed on the basis of an agreement governed by private law and shall have the necessary professional qualifications.

 He / She shall be responsible for:

a)   implementing decisions passed by the Congress in compliance with the Chairman’s directives;

b)   attending the Congress and meetings of the Emergency Committee and the standing and ad-hoc committees;

c)   organising the Congress and meetings of the Emergency Committee and other bodies;

d)   compiling the minutes for the meetings of the Congress, Emergency Committee and standing and ad-hoc committees;

e)   managing and keeping the accounts of PSL properly;

f)    the correspondence of PSL;

g)   relations with the Members, committees, and ZIFA;

h)   organising the general secretariat;

i)    the appointment and dismissal of staff working in the general secretariat;

j)    proposing managerial staff to the Chairman .

The General Secretary may not be a Congress delegate or a member of any body of PSL.